40 Tiny Tattoos That Are The Envy of Every Insta Influencer

I'll call your tattooist and tell them you're coming.

These colorful dots.

by Tan

(Photo: Tan)

Small and simple, these colorful dots are any minimalists answer to the dilemma of whether or not to get a tattoo. This exact design isn’t original, but it is the first time I’ve ever seen it in this location. And a new location pretty much makes it original in my book.

This lion.

by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

Every girl is secretly looking for a cute little tattoo to call her own. There are a lot of design choices out there and let’s face it; just about everything in miniature looks cute. A tiny, raggedy-maned lion in an original location is just one option.

This gradient heart.

by Yar Put

(Photo: Yar Put)

As of right now, there’s no design quite as hip as a heart filled with a smooth gradient fade. From turquoise to blue to purple, this tattoo is what summer ink is all about.



(Photo: JOJO)

Tiny love tattoos are absolutely to die for. If you’re anyone on Instagram, a tattoo like the one above will do nothing but elevate your status. Micro tattoos have many added benefits. Affordable, relatively painless, and you’re in and out in under and hour. What’s not to like?

This hand gesture.

by Vasquez

(Photo: Vasquez)

The sign of the horns is a hand gesture that has a variety of different meanings ranging from fun to down right offensive depending on what part of the world you live in. “Rock out” is the most common meaning behind this gesture and probably what’s going on here.

This minimalistic rose.

by Jake Nowicz

(Photo: Jake Nowicz)

Tiny tattoos are elegant in nature. But this little rose is on a completely different level when it comes to style and grace. Jake’s slim needle skills are the toast of Milan. If you can dream it, he can probably make it so much better.

This bottle of wine.

by Jay Shin

(Photo: Jay Shin)

They say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. And while most women would probably agree with that statement, wine definitely comes in at a close second. A small hyperrealism wine bottle is a great way to showcase your love for wine. Red, of course.

This small flower.

by Tan

(Photo: Tan)

Palm-of-the-hand tattoos are underrated. And I’m not referring to the large designs that take a herculean effort to sit through. Tiny designs, like the one above, are popping up more and more often on social media these days and it’s a trend that I hope continues well into the future.

This heart-shaped floral arrangement.


(Photo: LIME)

Two bending floral stems arranged to form a heart isn’t exactly groundbreaking. But they are adorable and elegant and you literally never get sick of them.

This autumn leaf.

by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

Fall is pretty much upon us which is by far the most magical season of all. The way the leaves change color in the fall is a beautiful thing, and from a distance, just as impressive as say a field of flowers or a rainbow in the sky. Tattoos of autumn leaves never manage to disappoint.