40+ Attractive Sleeve Tattoos for Women

From colorful creations to black and grey ink beauts, these are some of the best sleeves out there!

This dynamic sleeve.

Dynamic black and grey ink sleeve by Andreas Engblom

(Photo: Andreas Engblom)

These selective color peacock feathers.

Selective color peacock feathers by Celi Hampton

(Photo: Celi Hampton)

This blackwork floral sleeve.

Blackwork floral sleeve by Megan Hoogland

(Photo: Megan Hoogland)

These blended floral transitions.

Blended floral transition sleeve by Tomas Tomas

(Photo: Tomas Tomas)

This touch of purple.

Full sleeve with purple hue by Gerhard Wiesbeck

(Photo: Gerhard Wiesbeck)

This beautiful blackwork botanical sleeve.

Beautiful blackwork botanical sleeve by Robert Montreo

(Photo: Robert Montreo)

This naturalistic sleeve.

Naturalistic full sleeve tattoo by Joseph Haefs

(Photo: Joseph Haefs)

This red rose sleeve in progress.

Red rose sleeve in progress by Jeremy Deboer

(Photo: Jeremy Deboer)

This colorful creation.

Colorful sleeve by Schwein

(Photo: Schwein)

This elephant and lion.

Elephant and lion sleeve by Joseph Haefs

(Photo: Joseph Haefs)