40+ Attractive Sleeve Tattoos for Women

From colorful creations to black and grey ink beauts, these are some of the best sleeves out there!

This mesmerizing geometric pattern.

Geometric full sleeve by Handsmark

(Photo: Handsmark)

This botanical sleeve.

Beautiful botanical full sleeve by Pete Zebley

(Photo: Pete Zebley)

This smokey sleeve.

Smokey full sleeve tattoo via Georgina Hornsby

(Photo: Georgina Hornsby)

These surreal roses.

Rose sleeve tattoo by Nikko Hurtado

(Photo: Nikko Hurtado)

This black and grey ink mandala sleeve.

Black and grey ink mandala sleeve by Ben Doukakis

(Photo: Ben Doukakis)

This paisley lace and pink rose sleeve.

Lace and floral sleeve by Christina Andersen

(Photo: Christina Andersen)

This dotwork pattern.

Dotwork patterns via Kseniya Maruk

(Photo: Kseniya Maruk)

This beautiful sleeve.

Colorful full sleeve by Misty Nicole

(Photo: Misty Nicole)

This gorgeous work in progress.

Sleeve in progress by Bobby Dunbar

(Photo: Bobby Dunbar)

These traditional Japanese sleeves.

Traditional Japanese full sleeves via Diauto

(Photo: Diauto)