36 Exquisite Roman Numeral Tattoo Designs

In V, IV, III, II, I..

This flawless shoulder date.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Design on Shoulder by Dakas Victor

(Photo: Dakas Victor)

 This moon.

Crescent moon with roman numerals by John Balestri

(Photo: John Balestri)

This forearm tat.

Forearm numbers by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

These micro roman numerals.

Micro roman numeral tattoo by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

This lovely neck piece.

Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo by Dizzy

A serifed roman numeral tattoo. (Photo: Dizzy)

This bold bicep tattoo.

Roman Numeral Tattoo on Bicep by Rebecca Sophia

Eleven. (Photo: Rebecca Sophia)

This crown.

Roman Numeral Tattoo by Lucas Rosario

There’s something about roman numerals and crown’s that just go together. (Photo: Lucas Rosario)

This lowercase shoulder piece.

Lowercase Roman Numeral Tattoo by Paul Wheatley

Everything just seems so…mellow. I like it. (Photo: Paul Wheatley)

This adorable ribcage tattoo.

Roman Numeral Tattoo by Lory Labossiere

Gorgeous. (Photo: Lory Labossiere)

Crisp and clean.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Design by Blueprint

Glasses not needed. (Photo: Blueprint)

This elegant chest piece.

Roman Numeral Chest Tattoo by Reka Bittencourt

Another superbly executed roman numeral tattoo with no visible deviations. (Photo: Reka Bittencourt)