36 Exquisite Roman Numeral Tattoo Designs

In V, IV, III, II, I..

This curved breastplate roman numeral tattoo.

Roman Numeral Chest Tattoo by Wady

Here we have a curved breastplate tat that almost reminds one of an Egyptian necklace. A white drop shadow adds a little extra character to each number. (Photo: Wady)

These textured numerals.

Roman Numeral Tattoo by Weston Weller

Or is that just the skin? (Photo: Weston Weller)

This sprawling side tat.

Roman Numeral Side Tattoo by Rune Eide Stenehjem

Something tells me this tattoo wouldn’t look nearly as good on me. (Photo: Rune Eide Stenehjem)

These stone-carved numerals.

Carved Roman Numeral Tattoo

One of my favorite roman numeral tats, this piece looks as if it’s been etched into marble. (Photo: J Carlos)

This spinal tat.

Roman Numeral Tattoo by Frank Tran

One of the most painful places to get tatted. She’ll probably tell you it was worth it though. (Photo: Frank Tran)

These red roses.

Roman Numeral Floral Tattoo by Curtis

(Photo: Curtis)

These touching tattoos.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Design From Natasha Hum

“The number 8, the grade we met, the years since I found my best friend, our favourite number and an endless loop. Whenever I look at my wrist I’ll be reminded that you’re always there for me as long as there’s a pulse running through your veins, and vice versa!”  (Photo: Natasha Hum)

This crumbling etching.

Roman Numeral Tattoo Design by Juan Carlos

Here we have a 3D number three. How cool. (Photo: Juan Carlos)

This spectacular spiraling clock.

Spiraling Clock Tattoo by Niki Norberg

We’re huge fans of Niki’s work. Clock tattoos weren’t in the original plans but this design was just too good to pass up. (Photo: Niki Norberg)

This classy combination.

Roman Numeral Date Tattoo by Lindsay Alyson McCarthy

A great font combination—which is a lot tougher to pull off then you would think. (Photo: Lindsay Alyson McCarthy)

This vertical layout.

Vertical Roman Numeral Tattoo by Branden Martin

Here we have a date laid out in vertical succession on the spine. We feel your pain. (Photo: Branden Martin)

This awesome ankle piece.

Roman Numeral Tattoo by Johanna Hofemann

This design is the birthday of the subject’s grandmother. *Feelings* (Photo: Johanna Hofemann)

This beautiful shoulder tattoo.

Roman Numeral Tattoo on Shoulder by

As you’ve probably noticed, the top of the shoulder/neck area is a popular location for these types of tattoos. (Photo: Pitchaya)



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