32 Perfect Best Friend Tattoo Designs

Friends forever.

These pinky promises.

Pinky Promise Best Friend Tattoos

By far the most popular friendship tattoos, the pinky promise illustrates a promise to one another to be faithful friends forever. (Photo: Crystal Dawn)

These pastel seashells.

Best Friend Seashell Tattoos

An absolute beautiful take on a couple of scallop shells. The outside of each shell boasts a mother of pearl pattern in wonderful pastel shades. (Photo: Nikki Ferrari)

These watercolor infinity symbols.

Best Friend Infinity Tattoos by G.NO

Nothing says friends forever like a couple of infinity symbol tattoos. The infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate, is a mathematical symbol representing the general notion of infinity. (Photo: G.NO)

These heart-shaped finger prints.

Best Friend Fingerprint Tattoos by Kai

Presumably generic, but how cool would it be to have these designs modeled after your actual fingerprints? (Photo: Kai)

This sun and moon.

Best Friend Sun & Moon Tattoos

(Photo: Kiersten Trueblood)

Matching cacti.

Best Friend Cactus Tattoos by Yvonne Kang

Cuter ankle tats have never existed. (Photo: Yvonne Kang)

Matching constellations.

Constellation Tattoos by Vanessa Jade

Usually constellation tattoos are connected, but these unique unconnected stars are a welcome deviation from the norm. (Photo: Vanessa Jade)

These adorable figures.

Best Friend Tattoos by Berkay Barlas

Can you hear me now? (Photo: Berkay Barlas)

These matching hearts.

Best Friend Tattoos by Mousie

Leaving you with no doubt that these are indeed best friend tattoos. (Photo: Mousie)

These amazing arrow clusters.

Best Friend Arrow Tattoos

Here we have three arrows bundled together which don’t symbolize anything in particular but they do look nice. (Photo: Maddi)

These birds.

Matching Bird Best Friend Tattoos

(Photo: Instagram)