32 Perfect Best Friend Tattoo Designs

Friends forever.

These matching moons.

Moon Best Friend Tattoos by Ilwol

Two elegantly appointed crescent moons feature subtle linework which comes together to form a complete full moon. (Photo: Ilwol)

These two birds.

Matching Best Friend Bird Tattoos by Fabio Monaco

(Photo: Fabio Monaco)

Matching baby seashells.

Best Friend Seashell Tattoos by Carlos Quevedo

(Photo: Carlos Quevedo)

These perfect palms.

Best Friend Palm Tree Tattoos by Channing Tattoo

(Photo: Channing Tattoo)

This lovely foot tats.

Best Friend Foot Tattoos by Martha Pranckuviene

(Photo: Martha Pranckuviene)

These minimalistic pinky promises.

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo by Fin

Who taught these hands how to pinky promise? Just the tips? Everyone knows you gotta go deep. (Photo: Fin Tattoos)

These magnificent moons.

Matching Moon Tattoos

(Photo: Adele Thielke)

These floral friendship tattoos.

Floral Friendship Tattoos by Sasha Masiuk

(Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

Best friend cat tats.

Best Friend Cat Tattoos

High five dude. (Photo: Catness Marie)

These matching ankle tats.

Best Friend Palm Tree Tattoos by Sid

(Photo: Sid)

Matching mandala designs.

Mandala Best Friend Tattoos by Andy van Rens

While not your traditional best friend tattoos, these two matching mandala designs are as beautiful as they are intricate. (Photo: Andy van Rens)



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