31 Breathtaking Full Back Tattoo Designs

I was just going to get a small butterfly, I swear.

This symmetrical flower.

Symmetrical Full Back Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

A large open flower design looks almost as if it’s made up of tiny wings. (Photo: Chaim Machlev)

This irezumi full back piece.

Irezumi Full Back Tattoo by Shingehara

Yasuno is one of the best traditional Japanese tattoo artists in the world today. His knowledge of old world techniques coupled with his own unique style makes him the go-to guy for irezumi work. (Photo: Shigehara)

This London cityscape.

London Cityscape Full Back Tattoo

This piece is obviously a work in progress but we’ve been following Jack’s progress via Instagram as he slowly updates his progress on this fantastic full back tattoo. (Photo: Jack)

This horned beauty.

Blackwork Full Back Tattoo by Evgeny Kopanov

Large wings form a protective shroud around this mysterious creature. (Photo: Evgeny Kopanov)

This vanquished goddess.

Amazing Full Back Tattoo by Jeff Norton

This red headed beauty has two arrows piercing her heart.  (Photo: Jeff Norton)

This blackwork skull.

Full Back Skull Tattoo by Victor Portugal

Another highly detailed blackwork full back piece by renowned artist Victor Portugal.

This Raphael-inspired back piece.

Raphael-Inspired Full Back Tattoo by Jun Cha

A beautiful light-infused scene from the heavens. (Photo: Jun Cha)

This man on a ledge.

Man on a Ledge Full Back Tattoo by Den Yakovlev

Another well known piece that’s made the rounds. This man standing on a ledge reminds you of those steelworker photos taken during the height of the skyscraper boom. (Photo: Den Yakovlev)

This zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Apocalypse Full Back Tattoo by Ben Klishevskiy

We know what you’re thinking and yes this is a real tattoo. Nothing but ink here. Wow factor = 11. (Photo: Ben Klishevkskiy)

This breathtaking black and grey ink design.

Black and Grey Full Back Tattoo by Matt Jordan

It’s everything a back mural should be. Complex, confusing, and catatonically  captivating. Thank you Matt Jordan.


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