28 Blackwork Brush Stroke Tattoos by Lee Stewart

London-based tattoo artist Lee Stewart lays down the law.

28 Blackwork Brush Stroke Tattoos by Lee Stewart | TattooBlend

One can only imagine the amount of work and creative planning that goes into one of Lee Stewart’s epic brush stroke tattoos. Resembling a watercolor tattoo in style, brush stroke tattoos mimic the path of an artist’s paintbrush, sporadic, yet purposeful.

While there are numerous artists that dabble in brush stroke tattoo designs, London-based artist Lee Stewart works exclusively in the style—favoring black and grey ink.

Here we’ll take a look at some of Lee’s best and most interesting designs from his ever-growing portfolio of unique brush stroke tattoo designs.


Tree by Lee Stewart

Yin and Yang by Lee Stewart

Floral brush stroke tattoo by Lee Stewart

Single brush stroke by Lee Stewart

Owl by Lee Stewart

Bear by Lee Stewart

Calf work by Lee Stewart

Abstract bicep design by Lee Stewart


Howling wolf by Lee Stewart