31 Breathtaking Full Back Tattoo Designs

I was just going to get a small butterfly, I swear.

This ornamental back piece.

Ornamental Full Back Tattoo by Avalan.Tattoo by Agnieszka Kulińska

A great photo that’s only surpassed by the beauty of this women’s back piece. Reminiscent of a corset, this ornamental full back tattoo features intricate lace patterns decorated with a few mandala centerpieces.  (Photo: Agnieszka Kulińska)

This hyperrealism Japanese mask.

Japanese Mask Full Back Tattoo by Gura Art

SIKE! This isn’t real—just a touch of photoshop magic. But we’d love to see this piece once it’s finished. (Photo: Gura Art)

These ornate arches.

renaissance Full Back Tattoo by Den Yakovlev

Another amazing renaissance piece showing off some truly unique skills. Notice the shift in depth of field illustrated in the stone arches. (Photo: Den Yakovlev)

This architectural wonder.

Full Back Tattoo by Zhen Cang

With more scrolls than the Library of Alexandria, this full back tattoo was inspired by the ornamental decor of early Chinese architecture. (Photo: Zhen Cang)

This mandala halftone work.

Ornamental Full Back Tattoo by Yanina Viland

Another outstanding mandala design laced with spiraling patterns and halftone dots. Notice the fresh ink to the left of center.  (Photo: Yanina Viland)

This colorful cosmic creation.

Colorful Full Back Tattoo by Ryan Gatt

Captivating colors glow with such vivid gusto that one might confuse this piece for neon sign on the Las Vegas Blvd. (Photo: Ryan Gatt)

This uncomfortable gaze.

Full Back Tattoo by Immortal Ink

These “double eyes,” always make us a little queasy, but an overall amazing piece. (Photo: Immortal Ink)

This black ink tiger tattoo.

Full Back Tiger Tattoo by Shane Knapp

Another hyperrealism tiger tattoo. This piece isn’t finished but the negative space leaves almost look to good to be filled in. (Photo: Shane Knapp)

This biomechanical back piece.

Biomechanical Full Back Tattoo by Danielius Djačkovas

There’s almost too much going to here to describe. This awesome split-scene full back piece features a non traditional Mary with baby Jesus centerpiece with biomechanical designs. (Photo: Danielius Djačkovas)

This man smoking a pipe.

Man Smoking a Pipe Tattoo by Victor Portugal

You might have seen this full back piece before as it’s fairly well circulated. The pipe smoker’s wrinkled skin demonstrates Victor’s impressive eye for detail. (Photo: Victor Portugal)