30 Totally Magical Halftone Tattoos

Move over dotwork, there's a new, eh, dotwork style in town.

This rebel alliance tat.

Rebel Alliance Star Wars Halftone Tattoo

If Luke Skywalker got a tattoo, this is what he would get. (Photo: Spekra)

This large rose.

Large Rose Halftone Tattoo

OK this looks more like a linework piece. Oops. (Photo: Neko)

These eyes.

Halftone Eyes Tattoo

So cropped eyes are a common halftone theme. (Photo: Jef)

This half halftone bulldog.

Halftone Bulldog Tattoo

My favorite piece on the list. (Photo: Paz)

These holy halftones.

Halftone Tattoo of Jesus

This is an exceptionally unique halftone style. It almost looks like someone took a Bingo card marker to this guys leg.  (Photo: Jef)

This large chest piece.

Large Halftone Skull Tattoo on Chest

Perfect in every way. (Photo: Smash)

This geometric rose.

Geometric Halftone Rose Tattoo

Here we have a poly rose sitting inside a geometric shape surrounded by halftone work. (Photo: JK)

This Thai Buddha.

Halftone Thai Buddha Tattoo

The outlying color really makes the black Buddha stand out. (Photo: Smash)

This number eight.

Number 8 Halftone Tattoo

Why was 8 mad at 7? Because 7 8 9. First joke I ever learned. Sadly I still tell it from time to time…(Photo: Vann)

These triangles.

Halftone Skull Tattoo

Another fantastic skull tattoo, with, of course another geometric shape. (Photo: Davies)