30 Totally Magical Halftone Tattoos

Move over dotwork, there's a new, eh, dotwork style in town.

This trumpet player.

Miles Davis Halftone Tattoo

Miles Davis will always be the man. (Photo: Machado)

This single eye.

Halftone Eye Tattoo

(Photo: Delirious Ink)

This spectacular back piece.

Halftone Back Tattoo

Is that the moon? (Photo: Roland)

This single rose.

Halftone Rose Tattoo

A wonderful idea for a tribute piece. (Photo: Adrian)

The Virgin Mary.

Virgin Mary Halftone Tattoo

Notice the wonderful vail work. (Photo: Plumbo)

This blackwork rose.

Halftone Blackwork Rose Tattoo

Wicked cool. (Photo: Kyle Legendre)

This thigh tat.

Large Halftone Skull Tattoo

On a guy with super-shredded quads. (Photo: Spektra)

This cat-eyed doe.

Audrey Hepburn Halftone Tattoo

Audrey Kathleen Ruston.  (Photo: Tut)

This big eye.

Halftone Eyeball Tattoo

(Photo: Tony Zolina)

David Bowie.

David Bowie Halftone Tattoo

May you rest in peace good fellow. (Photo: Cassidy Bell)



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