Behold, 80 Tattoos Every Girl Needs to See

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These wildflowers.

Wildflowers by Lena

(Photo: Lena)

Yes. I know. All flowers are technically wild. But when I see a lot of flowers that you’re more likely to see in your local field than at your local florist’s shop, I usually label them “wildflowers.” This bouquet of wildflowers features a brilliant and diverse representation of color, which makes it all the more interesting to view.

This floral heart.

A floral heart by Saegeem

(Photo: Saegeem)

This tattoo has been making the rounds lately so I thought I might as well feature it. If you’ve seen this design before then I apologize but the way this heart shows small glimpses of various leaves makes me think it has a ton of potential as an abstract concept.

This purple calla.

A purple calla by Tattooist Doy

(Photo: Doy)

This flower looks familiar but honestly I had no idea what a purple calla was and I’m not even sure how to pronounce it now. However, I do love the look of this flower and think it looks excellent in ink.

A polar bear.

A polar bear by Tattoo With Me

(Photo: tattoowithme)

Polar bears are the largest bears on earth. And I can tell you with all certainty (saw a few at a zoo) that photos don’t do their size justice—they are huge. Tattoo With Me, yes that’s what the artist goes by, creates these beautiful animal designs that feature cosmic sections which definitely makes them more interesting.

Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell by Banul

(Photo: Banul)

Tinker Bell is a small fairy, and I’ve never really pictured her as a real woman, that is, until I saw this design. Disney tattoos are incredibly popular right now, and all those nostalgic animated movies that millennials grew up on are starting to show up in ink now that their biggest fans are of the tattoo-getting age.

This Van Gogh tribute.

by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

You won’t find any other artist more represented in ink than Vincent van Gogh. This probably has a lot to do with his impressionist style which transitions well into ink. Broader strokes are always easier to replicate than fine lines. This design features the artist himself and a sample of one of his landscape works.

This decorative arm piece.

by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

Some of the best tattoos aren’t of anything in particular. This arm piece is done in Balazs’ signature “super interesting” style and is an absolute triumph of symmetry. When you manage to book Balazs, you don’t tell him what you want, he tells you.

This connecting design.

by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

Connecting tattoos are a very cool concept but they do have one downside: they don’t always look so great when apart. As in, as you go about your day, your connecting tattoo is “unconnected,” which, depending on the design, may or may not look so spectacular. But really, who cares? Especially when they look this good together.

These black and grey ink roses.

Black and grey ink roses by Mongo

(Photo: Mongo)

Black and grey ink florals will never go out of style. In what continues to be one of the most popular floral designs year in and year out, black and grey ink clusters of peonies are an elegant option for any woman looking for something timeless and beautiful.

This watercolor flamingo.

A watercolor flamingo by LWS

(Photo: LWS)

The flamingo is an animal that flourishes in the watercolor style. It’s more often than not that we see flamingos painted with a watercolor needle, and when the end result looks anything like the example above, it’s easy to see why artists simply can’t avoid pairing the two together.