Behold, 80 Tattoos Every Girl Needs to See

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These peonies.

Peonies by Zihwa

(Photo: Zihwa)

If you didn’t know, when it comes to floral tattoos, peonies are far and away more popular than roses. Many people find this hard to believe initially but it’s true. I think it has something to do with the gorgeous layered structure the peony blossoms offers.

These delicate flowers.

Delicate flowers by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

Leave it to Nando to create something so elegant and so feminine that the very sight of it makes you want to barf unicorns and rainbows. Nando’s floral works are among the best in the business, and if you don’t believe me, just have a look for yourself.

This sunflower garden.

A sunflower garden by Ayhan Karadag

(Photo: Ayhan Karadag)

This field of sunflowers melts effortlessly into a fiery sunset of burnt yellows and oranges. The small portion of blue sky offers a harmonious contrast which also ensures that each of the primary colors are represented. Eva Krbdk, eat your heart out.

These orchids.

An orchid by Ayhan Karadag

(Photo: Ayhan Karadag)

Orchids are the largest floral family in the world. Comprised of some thirty thousand different species, orchids come in almost every color under the rainbow—and in many combinations of those as well. This small blue orchid makes for a wonderful little ankle tattoo that simply begs to be noticed.

These floral leg pieces.

A set of peonies by Zihwa

(Photo: Zihwa)

Zihwa lives to ink these floral designs. And by “these floral designs,” I mean that if you’ve seen this design above, then you will instantly recognize any of her other designs upon sight. If you’re looking for a set of signature floral tattoos that will absolutely define you, then something along the lines of these leg pieces will more than get the job done.

A field of poppies.

A field of poppies by Ayhan Karadag

(Photo: Ayhan Karadag)

Almost everything that I said about Ayhan’s previous circular landscape design can be said about this one. Bright reds and dripping oranges give this design an attractive allure that can only be described as amazing. No matter how many times I see this design I always find myself staring in disbelief.

This lion.

A lion by Paul Tougas

(Photo: Paul Tougas)

Want to be the absolute center of attention every time you visit the beach or pool? Then imagine yourself with a gigantic back piece with literally anything you want represented. Large designs that feature a single subject make for powerful imagery.

This angel.

An angel by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

This angelic design is an oldie but a goodie. I don’t usually post a design more than once but after stumbling across this design the other day I thought it would be perfect for this list. We all have that woman in our lives that deserves sainthood, and this design is a great way to remember that certain special somebody.

These roses.

Roses by Mini Lau

(Photo: Mini Lau)

Right under the collarbone and next to the shoulder has always been one of my favorite locations. And if I were to get a tattoo in this location all over again (already have one there) I would probably get something in line with this floral design complete with a lovely little butterfly.

This goldfish.

A goldfish by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

Thanks to a savvy reader, it’s now clear to me that this design is so much more than just a simple goldfish. The artist added a strap-on shark fin which makes this little fish tattoo all the more adorable. However, it’s the shading of the grey ink portions of the fish that make this design truly memorable. If you’re lucky enough to be anywhere near the island peninsula that is South Korea, you almost owe it to yourself to pay Nando a visit.