Behold, 80 Tattoos Every Girl Needs to See

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This peacock feather.

Peacock feather tattoo by Amanda Wachob

(Photo: Amanda Wachob)

If you have never seen a peacock spread its feathers, Youtube it now because trust me, it’s a show. Peacock feathers are meant to mimic eyes and fool other animals into thinking it’s larger than it actually is. Feather tattoos are popular, and peacock feathers are some of the most impressive.

This tropical scene.

A tropical landscape by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

Landscape tattoo designs seem to get more and more popular each year. The details slim needles permit these days are allowing artists to create some truly unbelievable works of art. We’re used to seeing landscape designs that are confined in circles or inside other shapes with borders but this open design takes creativity to a whole new level.

This vine.

A vine by Haeny

(Photo: Haeny)

Wandering vines are a concept that you don’t see too often. And when you do, they don’t tend to be as good as this. So for the sake of the moment, take a good look, and revel in the beauty of one of Sol Studio’s most talented artist’s work.

These poppies.

Watercolor poppies by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Flower)

Looking for a large floral back piece with lots of class? Poppies are some of the most elegant flowers, and when done in the watercolor style, emit a beautiful vibe that says it all without saying too much. These watercolor poppies have an almost translucent feel about them which pairs well with the watercolor style.

These blue roses.

Blue roses by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

If you were wondering, blue roses are a real thing, and I’m not simply referring to their role in the tattoo industry. Blue roses are a hybrid species and usually have more of a lilac color as opposed to traditional blue. Blossoming tattoo designs are a fascinating concept and the design above is one of the best we’ve ever seen.

This book.

A book by Sigak

(Photo: Sigak)

Here we have another book tattoo that symbolizes the client’s love for reading. The cover of the book itself has a cosmic theme to it which illustrates the endless dimensions that can be found in pages of a book. I’ve seen a lot of colorful book tattoos but this black and white ink design is one of my favorites.

This stunning landscape.

A landscape by Saegeem

(Photo: Saegeem)

This is the latest in Saegeem’s long line of sky-heavy landscape designs. Landscape tattoos come in all shapes and sizes but most of them are similar in appearance. That’s why it’s so refreshing to see artists own an original style with their own unique signature. If you like this design, don’t forget to check out Saegeem’s Instagram because this piece is only the tip of the iceberg.

This wonderful phrase.

Lion King tattoo by Arar

(Photo: Arar)

With the new Lion King movie coming out I thought it only fitting to feature at least one design that celebrates the iconic film that is somewhat to thank for millions of happy childhoods around the world. And in case you didn’t know, Hukuna Matata is a Swahili phrase, and, well, you don’t need me to tell you what it means.

These Photinia leaves.

Photinia leaves by Ayhan Karadag

(Photo: Ayhan Karadag)

Photinias are small trees that feature these red leaves mixed in with the green ones. I’m not sure if it was the placement, the color, the composition, or the combination of all three of the above, but this design spoke to me in a way that made its appearance on this list a necessity.

This fox.

A cosmic fox by Tattoo With Me

(Photo: Tattoo With Me)

Galaxy themed tattoo designs have been wildly popular for years. It’s as if a little bit of space instantly makes any design more interesting.