Behold, 70 Of The Best Dog Tattoos Ever Created

This belly-up puppy.

by Silo

(Photo: Silo)

This dotwork dog.

Dotwork dog by ISA

(Photo: ISA)

This little face.

by Ed Gomez

(Photo: Ed Gomez)


by Robson Carvalho

(Photo: Robson Carvalho)

This bicep piece.

by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

This back shoulder piece.

Back shoulder piece by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

This cute face.

by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

This calf piece.

by Jamie Eddy

(Photo: Jamie Eddy)

These eyes.

by IDA

(Photo: IDA)

This tiny Chihuahua.

Tiny Chihuahua by Dragon

(Photo: Dragon)


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