65 Tiny Girl Tattoos You’ll Easily Convince Yourself You Need

Inspiration, persuasion, and temptation.

This circular brush stroke.

Circular brush stroke tattoo by Alex Treze

(Photo: Alex Treze)

These shapes.

Minimalistic shapes by Heejae Jung

(Photo: Heejae Jung)

This beautiful blossom.

Beautiful blossom by EL-E MAGS

(Photo: EL-E MAGS)

This watercolor lilac cluster.

Watercolor lilac cluster by Ivan Androsov

(Photo: Ivan Androsov)

This floral moon.

Crescent floral moon by Chae Hwa

(Photo: Chae Hwa)

These dinosaur skeletons.

Dinosaur skeletons by Zeke Yip

(Photo: Zeke Yip)

This tiny cherry blossom branch.

Cherry blossom branch by Tattoo With Me

(Photo: Tattoo With Me)

These finger tats.

FInger tattoos by Watsun Atkinsun

(Photo: Watsun Atkinsun)

This lady bug.

Lady bug tattoo by Mr. Koo

(Photo: Mr. Koo)

This airplane.

Airplane tattoo by Shpadyreva Julia

(Photo: Shpadyreva Julia)