61 Beautiful Origami Inspired Tattoo Designs

The art of folding paper.

This behind-the-ear tat.

Behind-the-ear origami crane by Carin Silver

(Photo: Carin Silver)

This origami stegosaurus.

Origami stegosaurus by Tania

(Photo: Tania)

These colorful origami birds.

Colorful origami birds by Karl Marks

(Photo: Karl Marks)

This majestic watercolor elephant.

Majestic watercolor elephant by Tania Catclaw

(Photo: Tania Catclaw)

This swan.

Origami swan by Michele Volpi

(Photo: Michele Volpi)

These wonderful origami birds.

Wonderful origami birds by Andrea Morales

(Photo: Andrea Morales)

This mobile.

Origami crane mobile by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This dotwork bird.

Dotwork origami bird by Martynas Šnioka

(Photo: Martynas Šnioka)

This dark elephant.

Dark origami elephant by Izzet Abatlevi

(Photo: Izzet Abatlevi)

This thigh piece.

Origami tattoo on thigh by Marek

(Photo: Marek)