61 Beautiful Origami Inspired Tattoo Designs

The art of folding paper.

This perfect origami crane.

Origami crane by Ivan Androsov

(Photo: Ivan Androsov)

This surreal swan.

Surreal origami swan by Andy Marsh

(Photo: Andy Marsh)

This scrolling pattern.

Origami crane with scrolling pattern by Kadu

(Photo: Kadu)

These lines.

Linework origami crane by Nissaco

(Photo: Nissaco)

Folding an origami elephant.

Origami elephant by Ondrej Konupcik

(Photo: Ondrej Konupcik)

This forearm piece.

Origami forearm work by Pari Corbitt

(Photo: Pari Corbitt)

This small collarbone work.

Origami crane by Luis Pelaez

(Photo: Luis Pelaez)

This simple origami crane.

Minimalistic origami crane by Marla Moon

(Photo: Marla Moon)

This touch of teal.

Teal watercolor crane by Dominika Czeczot

(Photo: Dominika Czeczot)



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