55 Sleeve Tattoos That Will Instantly Make You Jealous


This geometric mash up.

Geometric mash up by Wagner Basei

(Photo: Wagner Basei)

These dotwork patterns.

Dotwork geometric sleeve by Handsmark

(Photo: Handsmark)

These negative spaces.

Negative spaces by Bruna Paschoalini

(Photo: Bruna Paschoalini)

This optical illusion.

Optical illusion by Bimal Rai

(Photo: Bimal Rai)

This red and black sleeve.

Red and black ink sleeve by Mathieu Kes

(Photo: Mathieu Kes)

This upper arm piece.

Upper arm piece by Ervand Akopov

(Photo: Ervand Akopov)

These leafy sleeves.

Leafy sleeves by Watsun Atkinsun

(Photo: Watsun Atkinsun)

This sleeve in progress.

Sleeve in progress by Otheser

(Photo: Otheser)

This tiered ornamental sleeve.

Tiered ornamental sleeve by Jack Peppiette

(Photo: Jack Peppiette)

Another work in progress.

Work in progress by Jun Cha

(Photo: Jun Cha)