You’ll stare at these mesmerizing mermaid tattoos for hours

Is that you, Ariel?


Few mythical creatures are as enchanting as the legendary mermaid. With the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a fish, the mermaid plays a prominent role in the folklore of many cultures around the world. From drunken sailors to spring breakers, the mermaid has inspired people from all walks of life to permanently adorn their skin with these mythical creatures. See for yourself.

This colorfully framed thigh piece.

Colorfully framed mermaid tattoo by Frankie Oneshot

(Photo: Frankie Oneshot)

This celestial moon mermaid tattoo.

Celestial moon mermaid tattoo by Elizabeth Markov

(Photo: Elizabeth Markov)


Ariel mermaid tattoo by Tattooist Doy

(Photo: Tattooist Doy)

This watercolor mermaid tattoo.

Watercolor mermaid tattoo by Russell Van Schaick

(Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This mermaid holding a pearl.

Dotwork mermaid tattoo by Surflanda

(Photo: Surflanda)

This beautiful blackwork design.

Blackwork mermaid tattoo by Marquinho Andre

(Photo: Marquinho Andre)

These mermaid scales.

Mermaid scale tattoo by Chuck Jones

(Photo: Chuck Jones)

This vintage dotwork design.

Vintage dotwork mermaid tattoo by Surflanda

(Photo: Surflanda)

This amazing dotwork mermaid.

Amazing dotwork mermaid tattoo by Alexandre Santos

(Photo: Alexandre Santos)

This diving mermaid.

Diving mermaid by Danielle Martinez-Hunt

(Photo: Danielle Martinez-Hunt)