52 Shockingly Epic Tiger Tattoos

You know you're excited.

This crisp forearm piece.

Crisp tiger tattoo on forearm by Romulo Matsumi

(Photo: Romulo Matsumi)

This geometric tiger.

Geo tiger tattoo by David Cote

(Photo: David Cote)

This fearsome beast.

Fearsome tiger tattoo by Tye Harris

(Photo: Tye Harris)

And another.

Tiger tattoo by Tye Harris

(Photo: Tye Harris)

This realistic tiger tattoo.

Realistic tiger tattoo by Sigal

(Photo: Sigal)

This breathtaking black and grey ink design.

Black and grey ink tiger tattoo by Ethan Gozum

(Photo: Ethan Gozum)

This tiger hand tat.

Tiger hand tat by Vieitez Art

(Photo: Vieitez Art)

This forearm tat.

Tiger tattoo on forearm by Armand Munoz

(Photo: Armand Munoz)

This sleeve.

Black and grey tiger sleeve by Quin Hernandez

(Photo: Quin Hernandez)

This diamond-shaped design.

Diamond-shaped tiger tattoo by Stefano Cataldo

(Photo: Stefano Cataldo)