52 Shockingly Epic Tiger Tattoos

You know you're excited.

This elegant tiger tattoo.

Elegant tiger tattoo by Freez Rivera

(Photo: Freez Rivera)

This small wrist piece.

Tiger wrist tattoo by Bradley Conradie

(Photo: Bradley Conradie)

These inner bicep eyes.

Inner bicep eyes by Tye Harris

(Photo: Tye Harris)

These negative space leaves.

Tiger tattoo by Perla Negra

(Photo: Perla Negra)

This abstract tiger tattoo.

Abstract tiger tattoo by Si Houghton

(Photo: Si Houghton)

This watercolor forearm piece.

Watercolor tiger tattoo by Felipe Mello

(Photo: Felipe Mello)

This tiger chasing a dove.

Tiger chasing a dove by Craig Storry

(Photo: Craig Storry)

This calf piece.

Tiger on calf by Ezequiel Pastor

(Photo: Ezequiel Pastor)

This realistic design.

Realistic tiger tattoo by Alex Bruz

(Photo: Alex Bruz)

This creative cat.

Creative cat by David Cote

(Photo: David Cote)


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