50 Gorgeous Tattoo Designs You’ll Desperately Desire

This band of color.

via Recycle

(Photo: Recycle)

If you’re looking for something hip and creative, you really have to think outside of the box these days. Abstract tattoo designs have been gaining traction of the few years and we can only expect that trend to continue.

This beautiful pink peony.

by Bryan Gutierrez

(Photo: Bryan Gutierrez)

A single pink peony says just what you need it to say for a first tattoo. Cute, elegant, and fun, this tattoo could be considered gateway ink and will most definitely suck you in so buyer beware. Sometimes I wish I was young again so I could my first tattoo all over again.

This sword.

via Recycle

(Photo: Recycle)

You don’t have to be a Game of Thrones fan to get a cold piece of steel like this on your tricep. Nope. All you need is a little originality, an open mind, and a desire to get a really cool tattoo.

Camellia flowers.

by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

There are different varieties of camellia flowers and no, this isn’t the crazy symmetrical one that pops up on Reddit all the time with the caption “A flower I found today on a walk.” This species is called Camellia Sasanqua which is used for tea. I have to admit, the other more symmetrical Japanese variety is my personal favorite.

This vivid forearm piece.

by Ewa Sroka

(Photo: Ewa Sroka)

Ewa Sroka is known for her bold and colorful designs. Her works are distinct, instantally recognizable, and always full of the most vivid and eye-catching watercolor accents.

Gorgeous black and grey ink florals.

by Zihwa

(Photo: Zihwa)

It’s not everyone who has the courage to get something as amazing as this on their wrist slash hand. A design like this is a big commitment, but 98 percent of people I meet with highly visible ink can’t wait to show off their tattoos and have absolutely zero regrets.

This itty-bitty airliner.

by Siyeon

(Photo: Siyeon)

Thanks to Instagram and various other forms of social media, we’re constantly reminded of the fact that people live exciting and entertaining lives full of travel and adventure. Usually it’s cocktails and sunsets but even something as simple as this little jet-setting tattoo is enough to get the job done. Out of all the travel-themed ink I’ve seen of late, this tiny tat is one of my favorites.

These three pink flowers.

by Donghwa

(Photo: Donghwa)

If you’re going to get a floral ankle tattoo, you might as well make it something unique. There are over 400,000 different species of flowering plants on this planet, so why not surprise everyone and get something seldomly seen in ink—like this bouquet of hibiscus flowers.

Cherry blossoms.

by Flower

(Photo: Flower)

It’s springtime which means cherry blossoms are stealing the botanical show in parks around the world. Not that parks full of cherry blossoms are everyone’s cup of tea, but, well, who am I kidding? Of course everyone loves cherry blossoms in the spring.


by Flower

(Photo: Flower)

The first flower ever tattooed was a rose. Or at least that’s what you would think. Roses, butterflies, dolphins, they’re what you think of when your mom’s friend tells you that she also has a tattoo. But despite being one of the most cliche feminine tattoos in the book, roses are still an elegant choice for those looking for a floral design.


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