50 Gorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoos Done Right

Bad dreams be gone.

This devoted daughter.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo with Heart-Shaped Hoop

Love you dad! (Photo: Ellen Walkley)

This sprawling thigh piece.

Floral Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

From high up on the thigh to the top of the knee, this is one giant dreamcatcher. Good dreams tonight. (Photo: Sampa)

This nautical piece.

Nautical Themed Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Not all who wander are lost. A popular phrase from the popular poem All That is Gold Does Not Glitter by J. R. R. Tolkien. (Photo: Alisha Hefner)

This cool-toned creation.

Colorful Dotwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo

If you had a windbreaker in these colors, you’re probably old. (Photo: Nichola Pierpoint)

This paw print.

Paw Print Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A wolf’s paw print no doubt. (Photo: Chuck Jones)

This outstanding owl.

Owl Dreamcatcher Design

Cool and creative, this owl designed dreamcatcher is oddly reminiscent of a wall clock. (Photo: Ironside)

This tiny tat.

Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Forearm

While undoubtedly breathtaking in it’s design and detail, we’re still trying to figure out what the little symbol is in the middle of the hoop. A wolf and moon perhaps? (Photo: Eunbee Jung)

This wonderful work in progress.

Morphing Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A wolf morphing into a woman, or vice versa. The artist labeled this photo as a “work in progress,” and we’d sure like to see the finished design. (Photo: Divine Soul)

This stoic stag.

Stag Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Is that a key hole we see there? (Photo: Club)

Another magnificent miniature dreamcatcher.

Amazingly Detailed Miniature Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Creative propwork makes this tiny dreamcatcher tattoo appear as if it’s dangling from her necklace. (Photo: Grain)