50 Gorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoos Done Right

Bad dreams be gone.

This beautiful blackwork floral piece.

Blackwork Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Lovely white flowers decorate this antique style dreamcatcher. (Photo: Jade)

This watercolor wolf work.

Watercolor Wolf Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Friggin cool. (Photo: Ewa Sroka)

This minimalistic wrist piece.

Tiny Dreamcatcher Tattoo on Wrist

Because tiny wrist tattoos are all the rage. (Photo: Jon Boy)

The soft feathers.

Beautiful Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

Wispy feathers courtesy of a steady hand. (Photo: Danny Duggan)

This tiny ankle tattoo.

Small Ankle Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Geometric webbing makes for an incredible appealing design. (Photo: unknown)

This amazing watercolor work.

Amazing Watercolor Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Spectacular, magnificent, divine. (Photo: UPK)

This back shoulder beaut.

Back Shoulder Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Flowing feathers escape this wonderfully drawn design. (Photo: Grain)

These fantastic feathers.

Gorgeous Dreamcatcher Tattoo Design

With the added addition of a single blue puzzle piece. (Photo: Jason Standridge)



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