50 Amazing Ship Tattoos You Won’t Believe Are Real

Edward Teach: Eat your heart out.

This nautical half sleeve.

Ship Tattoo by The Black Pearl

Soft, immaculate shading makes this piece extremely easy on the eyes. When’s the last time you’ve seen shading like this? (Photo: The Black Pearl)

This neo traditional pirate ship tattoo.

Neo Traditional Pirate Ship Tattoo by Alessandro Lemme

The Jolly Roger flys high above this voyaging ship. The Jolly Roger is a generic term given to flags of various designs flow by pirate vessels during the 18th century. (Photo: Alessandro Lemme)

This fantastic black & grey ink design.

Blackwork Ship Tattoo by RIchi Shotta

(Photo: Richi Shotta)

The Morgenstern.

Ship Tattoo Design by Johnny Breeze

This ship features a figurehead of a man in a toga on the bow. Figureheads were often carved into the ship’s bow for good luck. Early examples of figureheads consisted mainly of animals. It wasn’t until the mid 18th century that men, women, and prominent politicians started appearing as figureheads. (Photo: Johnny Breeze)

This circular ship tattoo.

Circular Ship Tattoo by Mark Jelliman

This lovely forearm piece consists of playful waves and a decorative linework background. (Photo: Mark Jelliman)

This realistic rope-framed ship tattoo.

Realistic Ship Tattoo Design by Anna Nygren

Makes you wonder what the final words across that banner read. (Photo: Anna Nygren)

This state & ship tattoo.

HMS Discovery Ship Tattoo by Moorea Hum

The HMS Discovery and Vancouver Island. The HMS Discovery was a ship in The Royal Navy which took part in George Vancouver’s exploration of the west coast of North America. In the years following the expedition, she served as a bomb vessel and hospital ship before being decommissioned in 1834. (Photo: Moorea Hum)

This teacup.

Ship in Teacup Tattoo by Lonny Morgan

Full of strawberry soda perhaps? (Photo: Lonny Morgan)

This wicked inner arm design.

Inner Arm Ship Tattoo by Wally

Another epic blackwork design featuring Jacob’s ladder. (Photo: Wally)

This anchored-frame.

Colorful Ship Tattoo by Niky Boni

A creative ship tattoo located high on the thigh featuring a nautical themed rope and anchor frame. A burnt orange glow fills the sky before seamlessly fading to black. (Photo: Niky Boni)