50 Amazing Ship Tattoos You Won’t Believe Are Real

Edward Teach: Eat your heart out.

These tattered sails.

Awesome Ship Tattoo by Tylor Schwarz

Can you say color composition? Wowzers.  (Photo: Tylor Schwarz)

This lower leg piece.

Ship Tattoo on Leg by Kamil Mokot

A hint of red, a touch of blue. (Photo: Kamil Mokot)

This ship’s bow.

Ship Tattoo Design by Benjamin Laukis

This spectacular full back piece boasts the bow of a ship that looks as if it’s emerging from the fog. (Photo: Benjamin Laukis)

This tiny ghost ship tattoo.


Dr. Woo’s miniature detail-packed work of art never cease to amaze. There’s a theory going around that Dr. Woo employees a tiny magical tattoo elf to execute those impossibly intricate works. (Photo: Doctor Woo)

This blackwork ship tattoo.

Blackwork Ship Tattoo by Gara

The bold outlines the artist choose to use lend this work a feeling of surrealism and intrigue. (Photo: Gara)

This detailed forearm work.

Forearm Ship Tattoo by Black Rooster

A multi-decked Spanish galleon shown perfectly placed on this lucky lady’s forearm. (Photo: Black Rooster)

This watercolor ship & compass tattoo.

Watercolor Ship Tattoo Design by Jean Alvarez

What are the three most popular nautical tattoo designs? You’re looking at them. The anchor, compass star, and ship all come together here to form one kick ass design.    (Photo: Jean Alvarez)

This awesome viking ship tattoo.

Viking Ship Tattoo Design by Chaim Machlev

Here we have what appears to be a viking drakkar outfitted with multiple sails. Although drakkar’s only had one main sail, the addition of a few more makes this piece  all the more interesting. (Photo: Chaim Machlev)

This intricate tricep tat.

Small Ship Tattoo Design by West Coast Tattoo

This diagram of a ship let’s the viewer inspect every little detail of a period galleon. (Photo: West Coast Tattoo)