50 Amazing Ship Tattoos You Won’t Believe Are Real

Edward Teach: Eat your heart out.

This subtle infusion of color.

Amazing Ship wth a Subtle Infusion of Color by Hill Tattoo

(Photo: Hill Tattoo)

This tiny diagram.

Diagram of a Ship Tattoo by Doctor Woo

This ship tattoo looks like it was done with a pencil. Unreal. (Photo: Doctor Woo)

This neo traditional back piece.

Neo Traditional Ship Tattoo on Back by Matt Houston

A wonderfully feminine neo traditional back piece featuring a ship inside a snow globe. (Photo: Matt Houston)

This adorable shin tattoo.

Small Ship Tattoo by Miss Hask

Straight from the pages of a children’s book, this delightful circular shin piece is pure magic. (Photo: Miss Hask)

This highly-detailed leg piece.

Detailed Ship Tattoo by Grain

Shading game too strong! These sails have an unbelievable vintage feel to them thanks to some out-of-this-world shading by South Korean artist Grain.

These billowing sails.

Amazing Ship Tattoo by Fredao Oliveira

(Photo: Freda Oliveira)

This vibrant American vessel.

Colorful Ship Tattoo by Shaman

As far as color ship tattoos go, it doesn’t get much better than this. A starry night occupies the background while an exaggerated full moon lights up the night sky. (Photo: Shaman)

This amazing upper arm work.

Awesome Ship Tattoo Design by Gemma Leigh

Here we have a freshly inked blackwork ship tattoo covering most of the subjects upper arm.  (Photo: Gemma Leigh)

This cute calf tattoo.

Colorful Ship Tattoo Design by Sasha Unisex

Here we have a small ship at sea decorated with a row of lovely pansies in Sasha’s trademark style. (Photo: Sasha Unisex)

This decorative foot piece.

Ship Tattoo on Foot by Eilo Martin

Gold scrollwork frames the lower portion of this lowly ship tattoo while the remainder is encased in a beaded rope. A melting red to orange sunset serves as the backdrop to a triple-masted tall ship. (Photo: Eilo Martin)