46 Fantastic Forearm Tattoos for Women With Style

Brace yourself. Things are about to get real.

This creative yin yang.

Whale yin yang tattoo

This was drawn in the likes of twin baby sperm whales they found cuddled up on a beach. The white one was albino. Just kidding. (Photo: Fursyk)

This sun and moon.

Sun and moon forearm tattoo

These matching symbols of the solar system are almost too cool for school. That moon is giving some serious attitude. (Photo: Stacy)

These blue cherry blossoms.

Watercolor Cherry Blossoms by Ilwol

(Photo: Ilwol)

 This blackwork wolf tat.

Blackwork wolf tattoo

Here we have a creative dotwork-designed wolf which transitions into crumbling geometric pieces. (Photo: Violetta)

These crossed fingers.

Crossed fingers tattoo

Please, please, please, please, please, is what comes to my mind when I look at this piece. The use of linework for the shading is pure genius, and what else would you expect from the talented Joice Wang.

This lightning bolt.

Lightning bolt forearm tattoo

(Photo: Sarah Herzdame)

This geometric mandala work.

Geometric Mandala Tattoo

Pretty cool. Dude. (Photo: AZL)

This watercolor wishboneWatercolor Wishbone Tattoo by Georgia Grey

Make a wish. This wonderful watercolor tattoo definitely made someone’s wishes come true. (Photo: Georgia Grey)

This lace heart.

Lace heart tattoo

For more lace heart tattoos, check out this guys Instagram. (Photo: okanuckun)

This cosmic cupcake.

Cosmic Cupcake Tattoo by Georgia Grey

Words can not describe just how epic this little confectionary creation is. (Photo: Georgia Grey)