46 Fantastic Forearm Tattoos for Women With Style

Brace yourself. Things are about to get real.

These Norse symbols.

Crop circle tattoos

The symbol on the right is called the the Helm of Awe, a symbol of protection and might.  (Photo: Nangeroni)

This sleeping cat.

Sleeping cat tattoo

Night night. As you probably noticed, this tattoo is on a man – not a woman like the title indicates — but while prepping for this article I stumbled upon a few designs that were just too good to pass up. Trust and believe.  (Photo: Maria)

This flat line.

Minimalistic forearm line tattoo

Soooo was this tattoo made by a machine or does this artist have a robot hand? (Photo: Clarisse)

 This night sky.

Constellation dotwork tattoo

After spending about 20 minutes trying to identify this particular constellation, I abruptly quit, shattered my sucker against the wall and decided to make a hot pocket. (Photo: Erika)

 This woodcut whale.

Woodcut whale tattoo

Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? Perfection? I think so. (Photo: Nangeroni)

This geometric tree.

Geometric Tree Tattoo

In case you didn’t know, these geometric arrows point in direction the roots usually grow. Schools in session. (Photo: Maria)

These realistic stitches.

optical illusion stitches tattoo

Hyperrealism at it’s best. If you have an overwhelming urge to grab the end of that string, turn your head, wince, and proceed to pull, you’re not alone.  (Photo: Matteo)

 This mandala dotwork design.

Mandala Dotwork forearm tattoo

Don’t get me wrong, I love me some mandala, but if I had a dollar for every time I saw a new and unique mandala tattoo, I’d have like $9,000. (Photo: Roberto)

This blackwork owl.

Blackwork owl tattoo

If there’s a more beautiful and elegantly designed forearm tattoo in the world I’ve yet to see it. (Photo: Bravo)

These delightful flowers.

Floral forearm tattoo

OK maybe I spoke too soon. This tiny branch of flowers proves that class isn’t just something we go to.  (Photo: June)

This cosmic glyph.

Cosmic glyph tattoo

B to the A to the D to the A to the S to the S. (Photo: Fin)