38 Ambigram Tattoos You’ll Have To See To Believe


Ambigram tattoos have quickly become a popular request among ink seekers looking for a unique and creative way to express themselves. These clever works of art are enjoying a recent surge in popularity thanks to New York Times bestselling author Dan Brown, who had typographer John Langdon draw up some brilliant ambigrams for his wildly popular book Angels & Demons.

Ambigram tattoos range from spectacularly clear and well designed to some less impressive examples that are almost indecipherable. If you do plan on getting one of these pieces, due to the complexity of each design, I’d recommend giving your tattoo a test drive by transforming your sketch into a temporary tattoo with some supplies from TattooForAWeek.

Here are some of the best ambigram tattoos around.

This Marine Corps tattoo



This family tribute


There are a number of family ambigram tattoos floating around out there. This is one of the best examples I’ve seen so far though.

Faith Hope Love


It’s no question that a lot of time and effort went into the design of this amazing piece. The diamond formation gives it that extra bit of shapely form making it extremely pleasing to the eye.

Art & Science to Philosophy


This piece looks like it belongs in one of Dan Brown’s novels.

Mother daughter tattoo


If I was a mother and I had a daughter, these are the tattoos we would get.

Dream and Believe


The “Dream” portion takes a few seconds before it jumps out at you but overall this is a superb piece. The blue fading to black is a nice touch to a style of tattoos that are normally only seen in black and white.

This religious message


Now I know the Bible says to treat your body like a temple, but I think the Big Guy would give this individual a pass. So simple yet so genius.

Work hard play hard



Family love


One view reads “family”, the other “one love”. It looks like Bob Marley had a positive influence on someone. This subject has been retatted in a number of different styles and designs. This particular one uses a faint cursive font instead of the usual heavy old english type.

Princess Isabelle

Ambigram tattoo designs are such a creative skin artwork. This two word form inked can be read as different sound and meaning from upside down.

What a beautiful act of devotion to the one you love. I wonder how much this guy charges for the design process.