45 Gorgeous Floral Tattoos for Women

Can't. Stop. Staring.

This tiny wrist tattoo.

Flowers on Wrist by Yasin Alıcı

Tiny floral tattoos are definitely the trend of the year among women. The level of intricacy that modern tattooists are able to achieve has made these detail driven miniatures possible. (Photo: Yasin Alıcı)

This touch of pink.

Pink Floral Tattoo by Nathaly Bonilla

A subtly colored flower gets the dotwork treatment as well as a few decorative twists.  (Photo: Nathaly Bonilla)

This breathtaking back shoulder piece.

Floral Tattoo by Julia Rehme

The negative spacing on the stem and a creative attention to detail lend this piece a quality like no other. (Photo: Julia Rehme)

This amazing back piece.

Floral Tattoo on Back by Julia Rehme

Another creative floral work by the amazing Julia Rehme. As far as style goes, Julia leaves little to be desired.

This pink tulip.Watercolor Tulip Tattoo by Candice Churchill

A touch of purple plays shadow to this wonderful watercolor work. (Photo: Candice Churchill)

This 3D rose.

3D Rose Tattoo

This doesn’t even look real…(Photo: unknown)

This hyperrealism iris flower.

Iris Tattoo by John Barrett

The ointment on this tattoo only adds to it’s realistic properties. (Photo: John Barrett)

This gorgeous rose.

Large Rose Tattoo on Back by Kailah Bartolome

If Banksy was throwing up stenciled flowers around town, this is what they would look like. Absolutely amazing. (Photo: Kailah Bartolome)

This colorful cover up.

Floral Cover Up Tattoo by Shio Zaragoza

Say something negative about this. I dare you. (Photo: Shio Zaragoza)

These watercolor cherry blossoms.

Watercolor Cherry Blossoms by June Jung

This wonderful cherry blossom work looks as if it’s bleeding down the subjects side. (Photo: June Jung)