45 Gorgeous Floral Tattoos for Women

Can't. Stop. Staring.

This silky foot tattoo.

Flower Tattoo on Foot

This single cherry blossom looks silkier than a satin sheet. (Photo: Twitter)

This purple poppy glyph.

Triangular Poppy Tattoo by Ilwol

Varying shades of purple make up this glyph-confined poppy flower. (Photo: Ilwol)

This bouquet of tulips.

Tulip Bouquet Tattoo by Rebecca Sophia

Here we have a beautiful bouquet of tulips in various different colors. (Photo: Rebecca Sophia)

This beautiful wrist work.

Floral Wrist Tattoo by Doy

Possibly pansies? After scouring the web for over 10 minutes our efforts to identify this particular flower proved fruitless—unless it’s a pansy. (Photo: Doy)

This single red poppy.

Poppy Tattoo by Lenara

This vibrant red flower makes a perfect addition the subject’s forearm. (Photo: Lenara)

This dainty tricep tat.

Elegant Floral Tattoo on Tricep by Fatih Odabas

A small cluster of wild flowers perfectly placed on the tricep evokes all sorts of warm fuzzies. Wild flowers are developing into a popular floral trend and it’s easy to see why. (Photo: Fatih Odabas)

This elegant hibiscus.

Hibiscus Tattoo by Olga Nekrasova

The bold contrast between the soft peach petals and the dark green leaves gives this piece a mesmerizing appearance. (Photo: Olga Nekrasova)

This stunning behind-the-ear piece.

Behind The Ear Floral Tattoo by Anton

We can’t say enough good things about this fantastically vivid watercolor work. These tiny pink flowers look as if they’ve been tucked behind the subject’s ear for safe keeping. From the brightly colored petals to the superbly crafted stems, this piece is truly in a league of it’s own. (Photo: Anton)

These violet orchids.

Purple Orchids by Alvaro Diaz Delgado

A hyper-realistic orchid tattoo if there ever was one. You almost need a Retina screen to appreciate this work of art in all it’s glory. (Photo: Alvaro Diaz Delgado)

This gorgeous ankle work.

Blackwork Floral Tattoo by Levi Jake

We’ve always been a sucker for blackwork floral tattoos. There’s just something about unspoiled uniformity that oozes classic elegance. (Photo Levi Jake)