43 Amazing Arrow Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Your guide to arrow tattoos.

This adorable arrow.

Adorable Tiny Arrow Tattoo by Anna Bravo

For those of you looking for the tiniest of arrow tattoos. (Photo: Anna Bravo)

This awesome forearm work.

Arrow Tattoo Design by ST

Another arrow tattoo decorated with circular patterns. Someone please help us out here. We know there’s a name for this design we just happened to be absent that day in school. (Photo: ST)

This dotwork design.

Dotwork Arrow Tattoo Design by David Tombu

Interesting. (Photo: David Tombu)

This touch of watercolor.

Watercolor Arrow Tattoo by Mervin Carballo

(Photo: Mervin Carballo)

This cool arrow tattoo on hand.

Arrow Tattoo on Hand by Pechschwarz

(Photo: Pechschwarz)

This decorative bicep tat.

Ornamental Arrow Tattoo by Juniorogheri

(Photo: Juniorogheri)

This beautiful black ink arrow.

Blackwork Arrow Tattoo by Nic LeBrun

The arrow is one of the few weapons still is use today that predates recorded history. Although it’s not known what culture or group of people were first to use the arrow, it’s probably safe to assume that it’s design was independently discovered time and again by different cultures and at different times throughout history. (Photo: Nic LeBrun)

This wooden arrow design.

Wooden Arrow Tattoo Design by J. Trip

Wood grain tattoos always look so cool. (Photo: J. Trip)

This flamboyant fletching.

Small Arrow Tattoo by Rachael Ainsworth

Fletchings are the strips of feathers attached to the end of the arrow to stabilize it during flight. Modern arrows use plastic instead of feathers.  (Photo: Rachael Ainsworth)

This collection of dotwork arrows.

Dotwork Arrow Tattoos by Sinead Stewart

Five dotwork arrow tattoos decorate this lucky individuals arm. (Photo: Sinead Stewart)

This fantastic forearm tattoo.

Awesome Arrow Tattoo on Forearm by Frank Carrilho

Frank’s created a few of these artistic arrow tattoos but this is our favorite.  (Photo: Frank Carrilho)



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