43 Amazing Arrow Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Your guide to arrow tattoos.

This playful bicep tat.

Arrows on Bicep

(Photo: Rachel)

These dotted arrow shafts.

Simple Arrow Tattoo by Jai Cheong

For those of you looking for a cool tiny arrow tattoo design. Look up. (Photo: Jai Cheong)

This amazing watercolor arrow on foot.

Watercolor Arrow Tattoo on Foot by Daniel Baker

What a unique location for this large watercolor design. Big splashes of red, blue, and green decorate this arrow with a single purple feather connected to two small beads. (Photo: Daniel Baker)

These gorgeous blackwork arrows.

Blackwork Arrow Tattoos by Manuel

These bold blackwork arrows combine for what can only be described as an epic pair of shin tats. (Photo: Manuel)

This peacock feather.

Arrow With Peacock Feather Tattoo by Sean

For as long as arrows have been in use, feathers have been the stabilizing force that keeps arrows flying in a relatively straight line. However, this decorative peacock feather is just that, a decoration. Feathers were commonly attached to spears (think large arrows) by Native American tribes for both symbolic and decorative purposes. (Photo: Sean)

This creative arrow tattoo.

Arrow Tattoo Design by Vikas Malani

This semi symmetrical design consists of numerous arrow designs. Can you count them all?  (Photo: Vikas Malani)

This delicate design.

Feminine Arrow Tattoo by Mini Lau

It’s pretty tough to pick out the lightly drawn arrows in this piece but they’re there if you look close enough. (Photo: Mini Lau)

This abstract arrow tattoo.

Abstract Arrow Tattoo by Alex Ejsmont

Here we have a wonderful abstract geometric creation complete with a three-dimensional arrowhead and an awesome retro color scheme.  (Photo: Alex Ejsmont)

This lovely design.

Arrow Tattoo by Banul

We featured this design on an earlier list but found it just too amazing to leave off the list. These three tiny arrows have so much detail and color that this design must have been executed under some sort of magnifying glass. (Photo: Banul)

This colorful creation.

Colorful Arrow Tattoo by Orianne-Marjorie Heneman

Notice the level of detail the arrowhead exhibits. (Photo: Orianne-Marjorie Heneman)