43 Amazing Arrow Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Your guide to arrow tattoos.

This tiny feather.

Tiny Arrow Tattoo by Flower

This small arrow tattoo is so tiny you almost need a microscope to properly appreciate the detail that went into this design. A touch of blue watercolor style ink went into the feather making it all the more beautiful. (Photo: Flower)

This swirling watercolor arrow.

Swirling watercolor arrow tattoo by Adrian Bascur

(Photo: Adrian Bascur)

This cool creation.

Arrow Tattoo Design

Well, we’re not really sure what tags to put on this guy but it certainly is unique. (Photo: Transcend)

These watercolor arrows.

Watercolor Arrows by Becka Schoedel

Most watercolor tattoos consist of a black ink outline and watercolor fill. However, this arrow tattoo, or should we say arrows tattoo keep it real in the essence that it looks as if it could have been drawn with only watercolors and a paintbrush. No hard lines here. (Photo: Becka Schoedel)

These tiny finger tats.

Arrow Tattoos on Finger by Kc Cooper

Due to popular demand, we always try to include a few finger tattoos on every list. (Photo: Kc Cooper)

This cool upper arm piece.

Geometric Arrow Tattoos by Karl Marks

(Photo: Karl Marks)

This vertical back piece.

Arrow Tattoo on Back by Jean Paul

Spinal tattoos are notoriously painful but we’re willing to bet that this enchanting arrow tattoo was well worth the pain.  (Photo: Jean Paul)

This awesome arrow tattoo on forearm.

Blackwork Arrow Tattoo by OK

Fun fact: The oldest evidence of human made arrows comes in the form of arrow points found in the Sibudu Cave in South Africa that are a reported 64,000 years old.  (Photo: OK)

These lines and circles.

Arrow Tattoo on Leg by Elvis Shirley

This large geometric leg design would make one hell of a weathervane. (Photo: Elvis Shirley)

These staggered arrows on wrist.

Arrows Tattoo on Wrist by Yasin

Another grouping of arrows, this time a little simpler. (Photo: Yasin)