30 Floral Anchor Tattoos For Women

Flowers make the heart grow fonder.

30 Floral Anchor Tattoo Designs For Women | TattooBlend

You’d be hard pressed to find a tattoo design more popular than the anchor. Once seemingly reserved for swashbucklers and sailors exclusively, the anchor has become about as mainstream as the Mississippi River. From tiny minimalistic tats to larger than life torso-covering displays of inkmanship, the anchor has cemented itself as one of the industry’s most commonly requested designs.

For women, a few flowers is a great way to put a feminine twist on what’s usually considered a masculine object. In fact, it’s almost poetic how well anchors and flowers mesh together to form such elegant works of art. Below are thirty of the best anchor & flower tattoos we could find. Enjoy!

This turquoise tricep tat.

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo by Ilarty

(Photo: Ilarty)

These large roses.

Floral Anchor Tattoo Design by Greta

(Photo: Greta)

These pink roses.

Floral Anchor Tattoo by Justice Ink

(Photo: Justice Ink)

This rusty anchor.

Floral Anchor Tattoo by Pablo

(Photo: Pablo)

 This negative space piece.

Floral Anchor Tattoo by Anderson Reis

(Photo: Anderson Reis)

This forearm tat.

Floral Anchor on Forearm by Martynas Šnioka

(Photo: Martynas Šnioka)

This blackwork anchor.

Floral Anchor Tattoo by Routine

(Photo: Routine)

This forearm work.

Floral Anchor Tattoo Design by Kris Konvict

(Photo: Kris Konvict)

These yellow-tipped roses.

Floral Anchor Tattoo by Kioko Sato

(Photo: Kioko Sato)