40+ Super Cute Sister Tattoos

Sisterhood, yay!

Sister stems.

Flower Sister Tattoo Designs by Jorge Ulloa

Here we have another gorgeous set of floral tattoos with the word “sister” for a stem and a leaf to cross the T. (Photo: Jorge Ulloa)

These heart-shaped palms.

Connected Sister Tattoo Design

Now this is a cute connecting tattoo design. We know, create, don’t copy, but this design is just too cool not to inspire at least a few in it’s footsteps. (Photo: Melissa Queen)

These matching hearts.

Heart Sister Tattoos

Simplistic heart outlines. Classy. (Photo: Marta Ciucci)

Wave sister tattoos.

Matching Wave Sister Tattoos

Besides having envious smiles, these two sisters possess a pair of pretty sweet matching wave tattoos on their hands. (Photo: Irene)

Sister and grandma tats.

Sister and Grandma Tattoos by Cheryl Simiakakis

These two sisters decided to get inked along with their grandmother. (Photo: Cheryl Simiakakis)

These heart rate sister tattoos.

Sister Tattoos by Jen's Ink

We’ve got top scientists working out what these say. Stay tuned. (Photo: Jen’s Ink)

This cool heart-shaped sister tattoos.

Matching Sister Tattoos by Koko

There’s no question as to what these are but just in case you’re confused, they’re sister tattoos. (Photo: Koko)

These matching finger tattoos.

Matching Finger Tattoos for Sisters by Alejandro Gallardo

In high school we spent about 3 years perfecting various versions of these designs while bored in class. Sadly none of our designs were quite as tattoo worthy as these. (Photo: Alejandro Gallardo)

These Swahili sister tattoos.

Hakuna Matata Sister Tattoos

A Swahili phrase made famous by Disney’s The Lion King. It means…well, you know what it means.

These cool continent tattoos.

Continent Sister Tattoos by OD ŚWITU DO ZMIERZCHU