40+ Super Cute Sister Tattoos

Sisterhood, yay!

These matching trees.

Matching Sister Tattoos

Here we have two tiny conifer trees decorating the wrists of these two sisters. (Photo: Louise Abadie)

These lovely watercolor creations.

Watercolor Sister Tattoos by Simona Blanar

These interesting watercolor swirls feature the word “bakave.” We’re not exactly sure what means but perhaps a last name or a delicious almond flavored pastry? (Photo: Simona Blanar)

These triangular glyphs.

Sister Tattoos on Feet

Each triangle is filled in to mark each sister’s place in relation to age. Which way the order begins though we couldn’t tell you. (Photo: Shley)

These black and grey ink flowers.

Blackwork Floral Sister Tattoos by Karl Otto

Floral love. (Photo: Karl Otto)

These matching palms.

Palm Tree Sister Tattoos by Jane Pham

Sometimes nothing beats just spelling it out. Now are they talking about their sister or a tropical locale? Our bet is some days it’s definitely the latter. (Photo: Jane Pham)

These cool foot tattoos.

Sister Tattoos by Sara Overton

Simple, yet devastatingly divine. (Photo: Sara Overton)

These clock hand tattoos.

Clock Hand Sister Tattoos

Here we have four sets of clock hands sans the timepiece. Perhaps they are quadruplets and this is apx. the time they all came into the world? Probably not, but hey, that sure would be cool. (Photo: Melissa Attard)

These matching bird tattoos.
Silhouetted Bird Sister Tattoos

Nice tattoos, great photo composition. (Photo: Ashleigh Schut)

These cute PB & J sister tattoos.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sister Tattoos by Martha Pranckuviene

We go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cookies and milk. Macaroni and cheese. Rape and murder. (Photo: Martha Pranckuviene)

These adorable leg tats.

Funny Sister Tattoos

Pretty sure this type of thing was outlawed long ago. (Photo: Sabrina)