40+ Super Cute Sister Tattoos

Sisterhood, yay!

These floral sister tattoos.

Cherry Blossom Sister Tattoo by Hannah

According to the artist, she tattooed one of these flowers on her sister and liked it so much that she decided to give one to herself. She was truly inspired by her sister.  (Photo: Hannah)

These heart-shaped finger print pieces.Sisterhood Heart Tattoos by sey3Yrbon

Wouldn’t it be cool if these were modeled after each sister’s real fingerprints? (Photo: Sey3Yrbon)

More constellations.

Constellation Sister Tattoos by Lauren Fernandez

Fun fact: There are 88 different official constellations in our night’s sky. Can you name them all? (Photo: Lauren Fernandez)

This moon and sun.

Sun and Moon Sister Tattoos by Alexis Vargas

(Photo: Alexis Vargas)

These matching shells.

Seashell Sister Tattoos by Anna Stevens

Two delightful examples of shading. (Photo: Anna Stevens)

These matching monarch butterflies.Butterfly Sister Tattoos by Elm Street

Fun fact: The highest flight of a Monarch butterfly ever recorded was over 11,000 ft by a glider pilot. (Photo: Elm Street Tattoo)

These small four-leaf clovers.

Matching Shamrock Sister Tattoos

These tiny tats were labeled as shamrocks but in reality they’re four-leaf clovers. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these genetic mutations, you’re in for some good luck and prosperity. Especially if you happen to come across one by pure happenstance. (Photo: Lauryn Lesovsky)

These matching trees.

Matching Tree Sister Tattoos by Mathew Holland

(Photo: Mathew Holland)

Sun and moon sister tattoos.

Sun and Moon Sister Tattoos

And stars. (Photo: Laura Coulton)

These adorable ankle tats.

Sister Tattoos on Ankle

Can you hear me now? (Photo: Chelsea)

These matching Russian nesting dolls.

Russian Nesting Doll Sister Tattoos!

The nesting dolls featured earlier on the list are hard to follow but something about these black ink pieces makes them equally appealing in our book. (Photo: Vanessa Andrea Garcia)

These cute wrist tats.

Matching Sister Tattoos on Wrist by Sofia Mittica

Twinkle twinkle. (Photo: Sofia Mittica)

These wonderful watercolor works.

Watercolor Sister Tattoos on Feet by Chloe

They should have special phone plans just for sister to sister communication. (Photo: Chloe)



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