40 Perfect Tattoos of Everyday Objects

Guys, these tattoos are wicked cool.

This whiskey glass.

by Youyeon

(Photo: Youyeon)

I can’t help but comment on how much better this design would be if the whiskey was leveled off to the angle of the glass. I consider a glass whiskey one of my best friends, and as sad as that may be, I can definitely get behind this lovely bit of amber and black ink.

This mirror.

by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)

The amount of time I just spent trying to decipher the scene reflected in this mirror is nothing short of embarrassing. A mountain range? A lake in the forest with sunlight streaming through the trees? What do you think?

This shoe.

by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

Van’s shoes are a way of life for some people. Literally. I knew a guy that ONLY wore Vans—which was blatantly obvious by the amount of Van’s stickers decorating every piece of everything he owns. This sleeve is made of what looks like a number of different interesting designs. I’d love to get a wider shot of this sleeve.

This cat.

by Zlata Kolomoyskaya

(Photo: Zlata Kolomoyskaya)

If you’re in the market for any type of animal tattoo design, ring Zlata Kolomoyskaya. Not only is this design super life-like, but her vintage dotwork style is quite desirable.

This tuna.

by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

Not to be a drag, but tuna populations are not sustainable (not even skipjack) and being overfished at an alarming rate. Please stop purchasing canned tuna so future generations can enjoy these amazing creatures as well!

This logo.

by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

Brand/logo tattoos are a little tacky. But I can’t help but appreciate how clean and cool this Coke logo looks in this slightly overexposed photo.

This hot air balloon.

by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)

While the context of this tattoo wasn’t immediately clear, you can bet that the meaning behind this particular design is just as interesting as the design itself. Eva Krbdk’s work is always visually stunning. And this design is certainly no exception.

This couch.

by Doy

(Photo: Doy)

This design has been circulating for a while but it’s one of my favorites so I couldn’t help but feature it again. Freud’s couch—possibly the most famous couch in history—is currently housed in the Freud Museum in London.

This pine cone.

by Kozo

(Photo: Kozo)

What I love most about hyperrealism designs is the randomness of many of the designs. How often do you get to lay eyes up a tattoo of a pine cone? Kozo is an artist who is obviously greatly influenced by the wonderful Eva Krbdk. Some of his works are even recreations of past designs inked by Eva herself.

This frying pan.

by Jason Standridge

(Photo: Jason Standridge)

In my opinion, fancy new pans still don’t hold a candle to a good old-fashioned cast iron pan. You clean it once a year. They’re chemical free. They’re inexpensive. They last forever and they even add a little iron to your food. What’s not to love?