40 Men’s Tattoos That Are Anything But Basic


This spider.

by Web MC

(Photo: Web MC)

Why is it that the coolest tattoos always require the most commitment? This design is epic in every way, yet it isn’t for everyone.

These back pieces.

by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

If you’re not completely taken by this image, then I recommend you never let a single inked-needle touch your skin. Why? Because tattoos are wildly addictive, and there’s a strong probability that this could be you in no time at all. This guy is living the dream. Oscar Akermo, please use my body as your next canvas.

This frond.

by Victoria Do

(Photo: Victoria Do)

Never overlook the importance of location. Body art and real estate do have something in common which is illustrated by this smartly-placed palm frond that wouldn’t look nearly as good placed in any other location.

This pet dino.

by John Del-Pinto

(Photo: John Del-Pinto)

This design is a tribute to one of Banksy’s works. And if you don’t know who Banksy is, he’s an anonymous artist who is known for his graffiti art stenciling that pops up from time to time in public venues. Although his identity has yet to be confirmed, it’s widely rumored that Massive Attack’s Robert De Naja is indeed the masked street artist.

This x-ray chameleon.

by Eunzo

(Photo: Eunzo)

What could be cooler than an x-ray chameleon tattoo? The x-ray style is usually reserved for floral arrangements, but Eunzo has a knack for applying it to various animals—which in my opinion is far more fun to view. Flowers, animals, Eunzo does it all.

This forearm piece.

by Desthex

(Photo: Desthex)

Eye-catching and mesmerizing, this stylish spiral is anything but ordinary. Desthex is pretty much the king of geometric mandala fractals and if you like what you see here, you’ll love these these original designs. Desthex has been a long time favorite of ours, and just a few seconds on his Instagram and you’ll discover why.

This tiger.

by Jose Contreras

(Photo: Jose Contreras)

Tigers have and will always be a popular design choice for both men and women. If you have an excellent artist at your disposal, the natural beauty of a tiger provides endless design opportunities, which, with a little trust, can lead to extraordinary works of art.

This back piece.

by John Del-Pinto

(Photo: John Del-Pinto)

When it comes to statement pieces, murals, etc., a big canvas is a must. And there’s no better place to compose a masterpiece like the one above than on your back. This stunning back piece features a large mandala flower set against heavy blackwork which provides added depth and dimension.

These leaves.

by SIgak

(Photo: Sigak)

While this sort of design isn’t what most men are actively searching for, the sight of it will hopefully inspire you and open your mind to new creative possibilities that you may have never considered before. Rectangular windows are a great way to sample patterns and collages while maintaining the aesthetic appeal a quadrilateral provides.

This sleeve.

by Oscar Akermo

(Photo: Oscar Akermo)

If I had a chance to get a sleeve worked up by any artist of my choosing, you can bet I’d be sitting in Oscar’s chair. While I’m not sure what caused his sudden departure from Bang Bang in NYC, making the trip to Stockholm is a small price to pay for such a prolific talent.


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