40+ Incredible Lighthouse Tattoo Designs

Some of the coolest buildings ever built.

This minimalistic lighthouse tattoo.

Minimalistic Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Jon Boy

Jon boy doing what he does best. (Photo: Jon Boy)

This neo traditional lighthouse tattoo.

Neo Traditional Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Sinners Inc

This large thigh tat is a prime example of why we love the neo traditional style so much. (Photo: Sinners Inc)

These dashes of color.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design on Foot by Kayden Huber

With a bible verse for good measure. (Photo: Kayden Huber)

This setting sun.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Kyle Cotterman

That sunset though. (Photo: Kyle Cotterman)

This forearm work.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Eric Ryan

That’s their job. (Photo: Eric Ryan)

This green sea creature.

Awesome Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Uncl Paul Knows

Like a scene straight out of a comic book. Awesome. (Photo: Uncl Paul Knows)


Blackwork Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Yuyu

The tallest lighthouse in the world is the Jeddah Light, an active lighthouse/port control center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that stands a whopping 436 feet at its highest point. It’s modernistic design gives it more of an airport air traffic control tower feel than that of a traditional lighthouse. (Photo: Yuyu)

These matching lighthouse tattoos.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Nuno Costah

(Photo: Nuno Costah)

This stylish leg piece.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Szymon Gdowicz

(Photo: Szymon Gdowicz)



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