40+ Incredible Lighthouse Tattoo Designs

Some of the coolest buildings ever built.

This beautiful sunset.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Tibor Szalai Tibi

The focal point of this work is definitely the colorful sunset but the reflection of said sunset on the lighthouse gives it an alluring glow that’s hard to ignore. (Photo: Tibor Szalai Tibi)

This geometric design.

Geometric Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Aenea Tattoo

Mountains, waves, and water. (Photo: Aenea Tattoo)

This sketched style watercolor work.

Watercolor Lighthouse Tattoo by Simona Blanar

This awesome lighthouse tattoo would make any watercolor artist proud with its rough lines and soft fill. The accompanying text reads “Family is a girls (something) forever.” Anyone have any ideas? (Photo: Simona Blanar)

This dark lighthouse tattoo.

Lighthouse Tattoo by Alessio Favre

An eerie black and grey ink work that reminds us what a lighthouse is truly built for. Not the sunny days but the dark and stormy nights like the one pictured above. (Photo: Alessio Favre)

 This black and grey ink leg work.

Black and Grey Ink Lighthouse Tattoo by Art of Ink

Epic. (Photo: Art of Ink)

This brilliant sketch style lighthouse tattoo.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Szabi

And a small ship. (Photo: Szabi)

This illuminated whale.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by IDA

A magical beam of light extends from lighthouse’s lamp to illuminate one of the largest creatures of the sea. (Photo: IDA)

This torn skin creation.

Torn Skin Lighthouse Tattoo Design

This lighthouse seemingly tucks itself in and out of the subject’s skin. (Photo: unknown)

This cool little creation.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Saschi McCormack

An awesome small-scale neo traditional tat that incorporates negative spacing to illustrate the light from the lighthouse’s lamp. How cool. (Photo: Saschi McCormack)