40+ Incredible Lighthouse Tattoo Designs

Some of the coolest buildings ever built.

This diamond-shaped glyph.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Milena

Elegantly subtle. (Photo: Milena)

This circular watercolor work.

Watercolor Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Joanne Baker

Like an impressionist painting, this circular lighthouse tattoo is as playful as it is unique. (Photo: Joanne Baker)

This breathtaking hyperrealism work.

Hyperrealism Lighthouse Tattoo by LG Tattoo

A lightning storm engulfs this superbly detailed design. It’s almost scary. (Photo: LG Tattoo)

And another.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Fred Tomas

Skills. (Photo: Fred Tomas)

This torch-lit beacon.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

Felipe always manages to create unique works of art that can only be described as “cool.” It’s always a pleasure to view this Brazilian artist’s latest creation. (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)

This dotwork/engraving piece.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Uls Metzger

Done in the likeness of an old engraved illustration from long before we were around. (Photo: Uls Metzger)

These awesome nautical tats.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Black Pearl

Brilliant. (Photo: Black Pearl)

This epic arm piece.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Rich Wren

Complete with purple sky. (Photo: Rich Wren)

This celestial cover up.

Lighthouse Galaxy Tattoo by Tyler Malek

But the first artist laid the foundation..rightttt? (Photo: Tyler Malek)

These beams of light.

Lighthouse Tattoo Design by Jackie Huerta

The Lighthouse of Alexandria—now just a heap of stone—was the largest lighthouse to have ever existed. It stood as the tallest man-made structure in the world for centuries before being toppled by multiple earthquakes. (Photo: Jackie Huerta)