40 Beautiful Bracelet Tattoos for Men & Women

These are way cool.

This minimalistic tulip.

Minimalistic Tulip Bracelet Tattoo by Ruta

A tiny floral wrap if there ever was one. (Photo: Ruta)

These simple strands.

Simple Strands Bracelet Tattoo by Kristin Kippi

Proving just how beautiful a simple and elegant design can be. (Photo: Kristin Kippi)

These colorful jewels.

Jewel Bracelet Tattoo by Maya

One of the more flamboyant pieces on the list, this colorful jeweled bracelet tattoo is really a sight to be seen. (Photo: Maya)

This hand poked bracelet.

Hand Poked Bracelet Tattoo by Goldy

A wonderful dangling hand poked design. (Photo: Goldy)

This geometric cuff.

Geometric Bracelet Tattoo by Jimmy Yuen

How rad is this. As far as bracelet tattoos for men go, this one clearly takes the cake. (Photo: Jimmy Yuen)

This elegant lotus flower design.

Lotus Flower Bracelet Tattoo by Lara M. J.

A small lotus flower can be seen decorating this minimalistic bracelet tattoo design. (Photo: Lara M. J.)

This text bracelet.

Text Bracelet Tattoo by Jon Boy

While the words are too small for us to make out, you can can still get an idea of just how elegant a wrapping text tattoo can be. (Photo: Jon Boy)

These lines and dots.

Bracelet Tattoo by Old Crow

Amazing. (Photo: Old Crow)

This tiny spade.

Bracelet Tattoo Design by Carin Silver

Or is that a heart? (Photo: Carin Silver)

This naturalistic armband.

Naturalistic Arm Tattoo by Doy

A glowing full moon can be seen just above the tree line in this night’s sky. (Photo: Doy)