30 Terrifyingly Terrific T-Rex Tattoo Designs

Some simply terrifying.

30 Terrifyingly Terrific T-Rex Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

Arguably the most fearsome beast to have ever walked the earth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex has inspired countless tattoos and works of art despite being extinct for over 65 million years. From terrifying blackwork tats that will make you sleep with the lights on to more playful feminine designs, these are some of the best T-Rex tattoos you’ll ever come across.

This heavy blackwork design.

Heavy blackwork t-rex by Kelly Violet

(Photo: Kelly Violet)

This dotwork design.

Dotwork t-rex tattoo

(Photo: Lauren Marie)

This colorful design.

Colorful t-rex by Andy Marsh

(Photo: Andy Marsh)

This martini drinker.

T-rex drinking a martini by Severov Roma

(Photo: Severov Roma)

This awesome back piece.

T-rex on back by Uncl Paul Knows

(Photo: Uncl Paul Knows)

This back arm tat.

Blackwork t-rex head on back arm by Anton

(Photo: Anton)

This creative watercolor design.

Creative watercolor t-rex by Dynoz

(Photo: Dynoz)

This sketch style design.

Sketch style t-rex by Kamil Mokot

(Photo: Kamil Mokot)

This detailed skeleton.

Full t-rex skeleton by OOZY

(Photo: OOZY)

These crystals.

T-rex skull with crystals by Poppy

(Photo: Poppy)