40+ Awesome Finger Tattoos for Men and Women

You'll love each and every one.

This amazing assortment.

Multiple Finger Tattoos by Doctor Woo

Warning: Finger tattoos are addictive. Why get one when you can get eight? Taking finger tattoos to a whole new level. (Photo: Doctor Woo)

This four letter word.

Love Finger Tattoo by Frank Tran

According to us, no four letter word has been tattooed on fingers more times than “love.” (Photo: Frank Tran)

This infinity arrow.

Finger Tattoo Design by Frank Tran

Combining two of the most common finger tattoos into one. How clever. (Photo: Frank Tran)

This bookworm.

Bookworm Finger Tattoo Design

Or Koob Worm depending on what this person is doing at the time. (Photo: Rachel Hell)

These three dots.

Dots Finger Tattoo Design by Jamie

Want. (Photo: Jamie)

This fingernail sprout.

Finger Tattoo Design by Jon Boy

This is what the beginning of every mehndi tattoo looks like. (Photo: Jon Boy)

His and her skulls.

Skull and Crossbones Finger Tattoos by Jordan Goldston

Couple tattoos for those looking for something a little more edgy and unique than say matching infinity symbols. Nothing against infinity symbols they’ve just been done to death. (Photo: Jordan Goldston)

These 108 Marks symbols.

108 Marks Finger Tattoos by Jondix

108 Marks is a book containing 108 sacred symbols from around the world with short descriptions of each. (Photo: Jondix)

These matching love tats.

Love Finger Tattoos by Channing

(Photo: Channing)

This neo traditional dagger.

Neo Traditional Dagger Finger Tattoo by Ante Evertsson

We’ve always been a sucker for almost anything done in the neo traditional style but this pierced dagger tattoo–also a favorite of ours—just takes it over the top. Some day. (Photo: Ante Evertsson)