40+ Awesome Finger Tattoos for Men and Women

You'll love each and every one.

This elegant design.

Elegant Finger Tattoo by Sasha Masiuk

Gorgeous. (Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

This Ravenclaw ring.

Harry Potter Finger Tattoo by Legacy Blue Tattoo

This blue and booze finger tattoo is the crest of the Hogwarts’ house Ravenclaw from the Harry Potter series. (Photo: Legacy Blue Tattoo)

This little lowrider design.

Lowrider Finger Tattoo by John Rock

Definitely the coolest design on the list, here we have a lowrider—or perhaps a truck—that comes together only when the subject brings his thumbs together. (Photo: John Rock)

These decorative chains.

Decorative Chain Finger Tattoo Design

They really don’t have a name yet but we’ve decided to dub them “dangling chains” in honor of the fact that they’re, well, dangling chains. While a relatively recent trend, these hanging beaded chains often feature charms or other ornamental branches and are usually affixed to larger tattoos to provide that extra level of decadence. (Photo: kikisunshineb)

This cool ring finger tattoo.

Ring Finger Tattoo Design by Barythaya

This mandala-esque design features a heavy black band in the break. (Photo: Barythaya)

This tiny margarita.

Margarita Glass Finger Tattoo by Lauren Winzer

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Well, actually it’s only 5 o’clock somewhere for 48 seconds each day but we know, the term just means it’s quitting time and a refreshing alcoholic beverage is in order. (Photo: Lauren Winzer)

These cool designs.

Finger Tattoo Designs

Another awesome assortment of vertex’s and dots. (Photo: Fluttery-effect)

This awesome tiger.

Tiger Finger Tattoo by Cido

Tigers, lions, owls, and a few other members of the animal kingdom have become widely popular finger tattoos are the reason is obvious; they’re awesome! (Photo: Cido)

These tiny red lips.

Red Lips Finger Tattoo Design

As far as sexy and seductive finger tattoos go, this one might just come out on top once all the votes are in. (Photo: Nikki)

This shark tooth.

Shark Tooth Finger Tattoo by

Did you know sharks typically lose at least one tooth per week? (Photo: Noelle Graham)

This botanical ring.

Wrapping Vine Finger Tattoo Design

This style of finger tattoo has always been one of our favorites. (Photo: Britney)